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Revision Date: May 4, 2022

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Panorama launch

A magic day at Panorama

Warren Puckett at Buffalo Middle Cliff launch

Warren Puckett at Middle Cliff launch, Buffalo Mountain

A. Membership

Pilots using sites maintained by the Buffalo Mountain Flyers should also be members of BMF.  Your membership fees help support the maintenance and gear necessary for us to keep these sites open, acquire and develop new sites, and purchase the specialized equipment needed for tree rescue.

B. General site info

C. Pilot requirements for flying BMF sites



Valle de Bravo

A visiting American pilot setting up at launch, Valle de Bravo, Mexico.  Valle is the new home of Wills Wing and is my favorite place to fly.  It has the most consistent thermalling conditions of any place I know of.  Jeff Hunt hosts visiting pilots so they do not have to think - just fly.