Wildlife hazards

Please be on the lookout for snakes, ticks, and nesting birds of prey.

Snakes do not like being out in the open in mowed grass.  They are generally nocturnal.

Ken Cobb with a rattlesnake

Ken Cobb with a 6' Rattlesnake at the BMF LZ

Ticks like tall grass, not mowed fields.  Since most of our LZ's are mowed in one way or another, acquiring ticks is uncommon.  Nonetheless, it is always a good idea during the warm season to check yourself for ticks after flying.  If your clothes are clean, putting them in a hot dryer for 15 minutes can kill bugs if they are wandering around your clothing.  Otherwise, throw your clothes in the washing machine.  Minimal vigilance is needed to remain tick-free.  Repellants applied to the ankles, socks, and lower pants are effective.

If, while flying, you find yourself being dive-bombed by a hawk or eagle, leave the area ASAP.  Usually, a 90 degree turn, left or right works well.  If you do not yield, the bird may damage your glider, you, or get caught in the lines (PG).