Meeting July 25, 2021

This is an in person meeting at Heavener Runestone Park, and anyone in the club is invited to attend.

BOD Members Present:
Robert Simpson
Reggie Koch
Scott Scallion
Steve Arnold
Dave Shaw
James Race

Club Members Present:
Tim Taylor 
Don Briley
Greg Chastain
John Russell
Britton Shaw
Brian Shelton
Audra Gately
Juan Carlos Hernandez
Brock Shaw 
Chris McDaniel
Shelley McDaniel

Guests Present:
Delta Zaragoza

Items from previous meetings:
Dave: Reach out to the forest service to see what modifications they might allow us to do on launch (port-a-potty, expanding the space for vehicles, etc.) (Has this been done?)
Scott: At Pano launch, build an anchor for a high windsock on launch to identify north component in launch winds. (Is this something we still want to do?)
Dave: Reach out to Barbara to clarify her wishes on Buffalo launch site improvements (Such as shale, burning, herbicide). Report this back to the board and we will make it happen.
Had: Retrieve plaque from Pam’s and update it with Josiah’s flight from last year’s fly-in.
Have site guides been updated adequately?
Any update on North facing launch at Pano?
New Business:
Proposed $500 donation to Runestone
Holes at Pano LZ. We still have some dirt. Do we need to have another hole filling day?
Buffalo launch road to head wall
Mow Barbara’s parking area and her launch
Any other issues?
Heavener SSE launch update
Josiah’s flight and Cole Johnson
Fly-ins: Labor day 2021, July 4 2022
Meeting Started at 9:06 am

There was discussion about the Pano site and paying for it. We received a bill for $1400 from the forest service this year. We are glad to pay that, even though they skipped one year of making us pay. We will be required to pay that in the future. 
On the topic of adding porta potties, Dave reported that Hadley has taken over that effort, so he should be the one to provide that report. Had was not at the meeting, so we tabled the issue for now. 
Dave offered to do track hoe work at the Pano launch to expand parking spots. He is not allowed to remove trees, but he can move rocks and stumps. He will donate one hour for every hour we pay for ($110/hr).
Reggie suggested using fill dirt to cover rocks down the slope at launch. Dave said he would look for a source for dirt. Dave will keep us informed on Facebook.
Reggie moved that we allocate $440 to increase parking at Pano Launch. Scott seconded. Bod voted 5-0 in favor.
John Russell suggested finding old rotten hay bales to cover the rocks down the launch slope. The group liked this idea, and Dave agreed to look for a source. 
Steve asked about the proposed North launch. We are waiting for Hadley to get with the forest service to get their approval for this. Tabled for now. 
On the tall windsock to see North wind, Scott reports that he has an idea, and still plans to put it in place. Tabled for now. 

Dave discussed the rock added to Buff launch. Barbara is appreciative of the things we have done up there. Barbara would like us to preserve Mel’s old launch, and parking/camping areas. There was discussion about this, and Britton suggested that we clarify Barbara’s wishes, and get that in writing so we can be sure to respect her wishes. Robert agreed to reach out to Barbara for this. John Russell pointed out that maintaining the launch is a significant work load, so we should be aware of that. James Race volunteered to mow the parking/camping area. Dave stated that we should use herbicide and controlled burns every other year to keep the brush under control down the launch “slot”. John Russell pointed out that vehicles are prohibited going down to Mel’s launch.

Had has updated the plaque for Josiah’s flight last year. It is installed at Pams. Robert pointed out that Cole Johnson is currently in the lead for this year with a 78 mile flight. Britton stated that he wants every pilot to be on that plaque at some point!

There is still work to be done on the site guides. POC is Hadley and Robert. They are still working on this. 

Weather Station - Robert wants the Buffalo weather station added to the website. Had is POC for this, and Robert will reach out to Had about it. 
There is a weather station at Pano (this should be added to the BMF website also). 

Robert proposed donating $500 to Runestone as a gesture of appreciation for the support they give us. Steve seconded. Vote: 5-0 in favor.

SSE Launch. We have lost access to that site. The owner has expressed her desire that none fly from her land. She put up a fence, and she currently desires that there be no activity on her land. 

James Race has joined the board as the Safety Officer. THANK YOU! The club offered their full support to James, and James said that he will absolutely rely on that help. Robert stated that we will form a Safety Committee.

Greg Chastain suggested approaching Ken about requesting a permanent easement. Britton said that Ken has been approached about this in the past, and Ken is not open to putting any easements on his land. His desire is to leave the land to his kids unencumbered. Greg asked if a right of first refusal to purchase the land if it ever goes up for sale is a good idea. The club agreed that this is a good idea. This would be up to Ken and Barbara. John pointed out that if there is to be discussion between the club and Ken and Barbara, then there should be one point of contact in the club to do this. Dave Shaw offered to reach out to Barbara about this. Greg offered to talk to Ken if needed. 

Robert talked about this. We did not do the fly in this year for several reasons. Robert stated that the RRRG guidelines do not prevent us from having a “club only” fly in. The discussion centered around the idea of inviting people to join the club, with the fly in being included in yearly club membership. There was discussion about whether the fly in should cost extra on top of the club membership. We did not agree on specifics today. Britton proposed that we form a Fly-In Planning Committee. Scott Scallion volunteered to chair this committee. Scott will review documents and requirements of RRRG and make a recommendation to the BOD as to how to hold a fly in. 
Labor Day Fly In. Reggie mentioned that in the past there was a fly in over labor day. Reggie asked if we should move our fly in to Labor Day because the weather is a bit cooler than July 4. We discussed whether to have one fly in a year or two. This question was left unanswered, but we agreed to discuss it at next month’s club meeting. 

Via conference call Wednesday, 1 September at 6 pm.

Britton stated that literally during our meeting, he received word that the Heavener LZ property went up for sale for $850,000 for 310 acres. We have a permanent easement, so this will not limit our access, but he wanted to record the fact here.