Meeting via conference call May 5, 2021

BOD Members Present:
Reggie Koch
Steve Arnold
Aaron Hartsfield
Scott Scallion
Robert Simpson

Also Present:
Britton Shaw
Roy Mahoney

Robert started by saying that our main purpose for meeting is the site ratings. Consensus seems to be that all our sites should be P2. This does not apply to Arkansas sites. This P2 recommendation only applies to Oklahoma sites: Heavener, Buffalo, and Panorama.

This P2 rating is conditional upon instructor sign off. In other words, a P2 can fly these sites if one of our PASA certified instructors signs off on that person. This instructor sign off does not replace the existing site guide rules. P2s must make their first 5 flights each site with help from a site guide (P4/5 with site experience), then fly with a P3 or better after OKed.

P3 and up pilots will not need a sign off from a PASA instructor; they can fly after an orientation from a P3 or above familiar with flying that site.  At Buffalo both Middle Cliff Launch and East Slope Launch are P2. It was suggested because of possible rotor it's recommended not to launch PG's on the West Launch.

For Hang Gliders, Roy suggested that the Middle cliff launch at Buffalo be designated H4(CL),
Buffalo (Mel’s West launch) and East Slope launch should be H2.
Heavener is H2. Pano should be H3 (RLF).

Next Topic: Rating stickers for helmets.
Discussion ensued. Consensus was that stickers would be too complicated to use as an enforcement tool. We may use stickers as a souvenir, but not as a pass to fly.

Next Topic: Do we want to pursue BMF membership as a precondition for flying our sites?
The benefit would be that insurance would cover any visiting flier as long as they paid for membership. Consensus was that this is a good idea with no downside. Specific suggestion was to require guests to join the club for a fee of $20 minimum for a 30 day membership (non voting).

Next Topic: Should we have a set calendar day that all memberships expire (rather than a rolling membership)?
This may have to go to a full membership vote. In October, let’s bring this up to the membership and propose that anyone coming up due should just hold off till Feb 1 to pay their membership. Reggie proposed that we table this for later discussion.

For Membership: Secretary needs to remind the people that are expiring in May that they need to pay for a new membership. Robert offered to help Steve address the membership issue (updating the membership list). Robert suggested that 2-3 of us get together as a committee to hash out membership options to present to the board. This committee will determine who has fallen off, who needs to renew, and develop a plan. Robert suggested Steve, Robert, and Aaron to get together to tackle this issue. This committee will report back to the board no later than Jun 15.

Next board meeting will be Tuesday, June 15 at 6 pm.

Board agreed to meet in person in July, perhaps around a campfire, but definitely in person. Robert proposed that we have a club wide meeting in July. At this meeting, we will present Josiah’s plaque for his record flight. Details of this meeting will be planned/discussed at the June 15 board meeting.