Meeting April 9, 2021

Members Present
Aaron Hartsfield
Robert Simpson
Dave Shaw
Had Robinson
Scott Scallion
Steve Arnold

Britton Shaw was also present.

Robert proposed that we not have an official fly-in this year. We need an official decision from the BOD. Dave commented that no official fly in is better than a failure. Scott said “If we can’t do it with excellence, we don’t do it.” Robert: “We can’t have a fly-in without insurance.” Had: “I’m working on the website for the club, and that has to be operational. If we’re gonna do it, we should do it right. All this stuff adds up to a no.”

As for a vote, Robert stated that he thinks a vote is a good idea to document our decision. Dave made a motion that the flying committee focus on 2022 for the next fly in and NOT have a 2021 fly in. Vote was 5-0 to not have a fly in this year.