Meeting March 12, 2021

BMF Fly in Committee Meeting Minutes

Main topic of this meeting will be planning for the 2021 July 4th Fly-in

Members present:
712-451-0861, 760011

Steve Arnold
Britton Shaw
Robert Simpson
Had Robinson
Scott Scallion
Aaron Hartsfield

Had and Britton met with forest service personnel. They discussed improving the launch site at Panorama and adding an additional launch site facing north. All we need to get a second launch site is identify the specifics of where we want to put in the site, and then submit the request. The forest service does not want anyone cutting trees unless they have been qualified through the governmental chain saw program. This is a 3 day training program. This will involve us paying additional fees and paying for the site surveys. The forest service informed us that we would have to pay for a person to come inspect the new site for any trees to be cut. These requests can be bundled all into one request.

The BMF project officers for this initiative will be Hadley Robinson and Britton Shaw. They will share this responsibility.

Robert expressed his gratitude to Had and Britton for pursuing the north launch initiative.

Next topic: The fly in.

First question: Are we going to have a fly in? The overwhelming response was YES. But Britton talked about how we will have to restrict access to qualified pilots in order to minimize risk. Britton is worried about tow pilots coming in and “cutting their teeth” on our mountains. This fly in should be limited to upper level P2 or preferably P3 pilots.

Britton envisions a separate fly in event for P1s and P2s. Britton volunteered his time to host this aspect of the fly in. Hadley offered to assist Britton in that effort. Britton clarified that this would be completely different dates from the primary fly in. This may be an idea that would be better implemented next year due to Britton’s current time constraints.

Britton then proposed limiting the fly in to P3s and above unless approved individually by Britton or Had. The group agreed to this as a way to minimize the risk. We can’t afford an incident this year after what happened last year.

There was much discussion about what restrictions we should impose on visiting fliers.

The group agreed to limit the fly in to P3/H3 and above pilots. We will market the fly in in those terms. Individual exceptions can be made for local pilots that Britton and Had vouch for. This information will not be promoted publicly.

Britton then turned the discussion to how to “hook” folks to come. We will market this fly in as a friendly competition/skills challenge. Pilots will upload their flights in order to qualify for recognition. We will attempt to recognize as many pilots as possible, i.e., highest flight, longest flight, most XC points, etc.

On the topic of dates:
We will stick with a 10 day event.
Sat Jun 26 - Mon July 5
Sat Jul 3 - Sun Jul 11
Poll to decide? Britton will publish.

Other Competing Events:
Jun 19-26 is the date for the Rat Race Open - Wood Rat, OR
19-26 June - Applegate Open (Oregon)
Jul 10 - Jul 16 is Chelan (Washington)
24-31 Jul - Tater Hill NC