Meeting January 27, 2021

BMF BOD Meeting 1/27/20

Members present:
Robert Simpson
Had Robinson
Dave Shaw
Scott Scallion
Steve Arnold

Robert Simpson - I think the club is going in a good direction, but we had some challenges last year such as COVID, ratings, accidents.

There are a lot of things that need to happen this year that we’re going to have to do.
● Site Guides need to be updated. (Had and Britton)
● Identifying the members is going to be a challenge because we don’t have the automation to the website. Had stated that he is working on trying to get the website automated. If we can’t get the automation set up, then we will have to do it by hand in a spreadsheet. Steve will handle the spreadsheet in hopes that Had can get the automation back.
● At a minimum, our spreadsheet should list members’ names, USHPA number, USHPA expiration date, USHPA rating, and club membership expiration date.

Field maintenance at Pano:
● This summer, several folks filled a lot of holes with dirt. There are always more holes to fill, and there is still half a dirtpile on site.
● Dave mentioned that the hang gliders would like the landing strip to be more of a Y shape than what it is.
● We have been mowing 5 times a year, but we recently changed that to 6 times a year. Everything outside the landing strip has been mowed twice a year (by Dave), but we are upping this to 3 times a year.

Launch site at Pano:
● We discussed possibly renting a port a potty for events or possibly to leave out there.
● There has been some discussion about expanding the available space up top. Dave mentioned that we could reach out to the forest service to see what they would allow us to do.
● Robert mentioned that we could reach out to the forest service and the town of Talihina to offer our assistance to pitch in on vista maintenance, etc. Dave said that this might cause them to reinstate our $1,300 fee. Robert said he did not mind paying the $1,300.
● Dave agreed to reach out to the forest service to ask these questions.
● Scott asked if we could bury a cylinder for a removable windsock pole. Scott volunteered to look into this. The point is to build a sock that will demonstrate the North component so we can know when launch is in rotor.

Launch work at Buffalo:
● Hang guys wanted to build a launch ramp, but Ken (landowner) does not want to do that. This is currently a dead issue. Ken does not want any structure built on the land, but he is not opposed to dirt work.
● We need to increase our maintenance efforts on the road going down the hill. Dave believes that we need to dozer that road every other year. There is money in the budget to keep it sprayed and dozed. We also need a controlled burn every couple of years.
● Barbara wants us to maintain her site. Dave says that he talked to her and she did not object to burning. She wants her gate shut all the time. Barbara would like us to put down shale to control the mud. Dave recommended an alternative to shale (from Talihina Stone). Dave will reach out to Barbara to confirm that she wants this done. If she does, Dave will let us know and we can make it happen.
● Every couple of years, we should knock down the worst of the vegetation at Mel’s launch.
● Barbara is especially concerned about erosion.
● Dave offered to apply herbicide if he got a couple of helpers. Ken and Barbara are both agreeable to that idea.

Heavener Site:
● We would like to lock in an easement. Dave stated that we have reached out to the landowners to ask what they might be willing to do. Also Dave said that Britton has reached out to the South launch site owner to ask the same questions.
Robert asked Had to discuss his experience with safety.
Had: The role of the safety officer is to make each site as safe as possible. The second thing is that he proposes ratings for each site.
Robert asked about enforcement of these rules. Had answered that we are not the police, but the members of the club should try to uphold the rules by holding visitors and each other accountable.

Dave proposed that we assign launch monitors and get them some kind of vests to identify them as club approved launch monitors.

July 4 Fly-In:
● Robert brought up the topic of the July 4 fly in. He said that if we do it, we need helpers and a solid plan by the end of February. Everyone on the call said that they would like to have a fly in. Had said that there should be one point person to plan the event. On flying days, there should also be two launch coordinators on launch and one guy in the LZ. Had Robinson volunteered to be the point person to plan this event. He stated that he needs two additional people to help plan. He stated that we will need 10 additional people to provide volunteer time at the fly in.
● By Valentines day we need a plan. By the end of February, we need members identified that will help. Then we submit that plan to the RRG and move forward.
● Had volunteered to go to Pam’s diner and get the plaque and take it to get it updated with Josiah’s name from last year’s flight. Robert suggested that Had get with Roy Mahoney to ask where to take it. Robert has the info from the flight.

Robert: Send membership spreadsheet to Steve at
Steve: Take ownership of that spreadsheet
Had: Continue working on our website automation.
Had: Continue working with Britton to get the site guides updated. Share any documents with the BOD.
Dave: Reach out to the forest service to see what modifications they might allow us to do on launch (port-a-potty, expanding the space for vehicles, etc.)
Scott: At Pano launch, build an anchor for a high windsock on launch to identify north component in launch winds.
Dave: Reach out to Barbara to clarify her wishes on Buffalo launch site improvements (Such as shale, burning, herbicide). Report this back to the board and we will make it happen.
Had: Serve as point person for July 4 Fly-in planning.
Had: Retrieve plaque from Pam’s and update it with Josiah’s flight from last year’s fly-in.