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DirectionsBMFZoneMapHotSpotsSmallThe BMF Zone

Oklahoma regional highway map showing  the relative location of all BMF flying sites.

Buffalo Mountain
DirectionsMapBuffaloMountainSmallVertical: 1100’
Launchable: SSW-SSE
Launch: 34.750000N, 95.140000W
LZ: 34.733000N, 95.147100W

Three launches/ratings: (see "important guidelines" below last site box!)
1. West slope launch: H3/P3 plus special skill FL (Foot Launch)
2. Middle cliff launch: H4/P4 plus special skills FL & CL (Foot & Cliff Launch)
3. East slope launch: H3/P3 plus special skill FL (Foot Launch)

Buffalo Mountain is located west of Talihina on Hwy 1. Access is by way of a 4-mile county-maintained dirt road (Buffalo Mountain Road accessed next to the Choctaw Indian Hospital).  Launch is available for hang gliders and paragliders. The original launch (west slope) is owned by Mel Hair. Mel requires that vehicles park outside the bump gate when the ground is muddy.  Absolutely no tree cutting is allowed unless Mel is present to give direction. A kiosk is located on launch with site map and additional information. Additional launches are just to the east of the wooded west slope launch (#1). In its current configuration the bluff/cliff launch (#2) is Advanced rated w/cliff sign-off and should not be flown in light winds.

The landing field is SSW of launch.  Various pilots own much of it. Access via Tidwell Rd, north off of Hwy 1. When parking, please consider the wind direction and approach path of low flying aircraft. Camping is available on the mountain and the landing field. Be careful with fires. Use pits where they exist. Absolutely NO fireworks.

DirectionsMapHeavenerSmallVertical: 800’
Launchable: WSW-SSE
SW Launch: 34.892300N, 94.574000W
SW LZ: 34.890100N, 94.586400W
SSE Launch: 34.883700N, 94.559600W
SSE LZ: 34.873000N, 94.555200W

Two launches/ratings: (see "important guidelines" below last site box!)
1. Southwest (SW): H3/P3 plus special skill FL (Foot Launch)
2. South southeast (SSE): H3/P3 plus special skill FL (Foot Launch)

Heavener has two grassy slope launches which are located along the ridge above Heavener, Oklahoma, facing primarily SW and the other SSE. These launches are on private land accessible from Morris Creek Road (North of the park entrance), East onto Benson Lane, then rock/gravel logging road that when dry is passable with a 2-wheel drive vehicle. There is a stream crossing at the end of Benson Lane that could require good ground clearance when crossing. Keep veering to the right at the Y’s on good road. The first launch you will come to is the SSE launch on the left.  Note: Access through the Runestone Park is not available as it crosses private property for which we do not have permission.

The two different landing fields are located behind locked gate private land directly below the launches. Gate combinations are only available to BMF club members. The SW LZ is accessible from Morris Creek Road on a private drive extension of Avenue A. The SSE LZ is accessible from Hwy 128 onto a private drive. (Drive slowww on the private drives near the houses!)  A kiosk is located in the SW side LZ with site map and additional information. 

Thanks to Herbert & Jean Tucker (original LZ owners) and the Foundation for Free Flight for their assistance in acquiring a 40 acre easement for landing in the SW Landing Zone.

Note: ALWAYS drive less than 3 mph when passing the Runestone park office. Children play in the street or on the side of the street. If there are plans to fly until dark, notify the park ranger Erin Bruesch of traveling plans at her cell# (918) 839-5889, due to the park being closed at night. Again, please keep all gates closed at all times, and drive slow, you are in someone’s backyard!

Panorama “PG Point”
DirectionsMapPGPointSmallVertical: 1200’
Launchable: ENE-ESE
Launch: 34.792500N, 94.903500W
LZ: 34.795500N, 94.887500W

Rating: (see "important guidelines" below last site box!)
H3/P3 plus special skills FL & RLF (Foot Launch & Restricted Landing Field)

The Panorama “PG Point” launch is located about 3 miles east from the west Hwy 1&271 entrance to Talimena Scenic Drive. This launch is located behind a locked gate. Only BMF members have the gate combination. There is a limited area for parking in the woods around launch. In order to allow easy access for other pilots, do not park anywhere in the driveway. Instead, park adjacent to the driveway. Overflow parking is strictly NOT allowed outside the gated entrance. It is a violation of our permit with the National Forest Service (NFS). The NFS requires overflow parking at the paved visitors overlook or in the LZ.

The launch is a gentle shale/grass slope transitioning to a steep slope. The landing field is also controlled by NFS and is located due east of launch, a distinct 10-acre clearing in the forest. Access to the landing field is from Deadman Trail (first right after accessing Deadman Trail from Holson Valley Road).

BMF has permission for hang gliding and paragliding operations through a Special Use Permit with the National Forest Service, for which we pay a fee of more than $1,300 per year.

Little Yancy
DirectionsMapLittleYanceySmallVertical: 550’
Launchable: SSE-SSW
Launch: 35.016200N, 95.082400W
LZ: 35.006000N, 95.081500W

Rating: (see "important guidelines" below last site box!)
H3/P3 plus special skill FL (Foot Launch)

Little Yancy is a ridge located approximately 5 miles North of the town of Red Oak on Hwy 82, accessible by 2-wheel drive. Launch is a gentle slope located on private land with the owner's home, longtime pilot Butch Royston, on site. Butch’s front yard is available for camping with approval. Please no open alcoholic beverages and be careful with fires – use the fire pit that is available.

To access launch from Hwy 82: Turn left (West) onto NE 173rd Rd, go across bridge, then go left, then take the first road to the right (NE 173rd Rd), go 1.8 miles to Butch’s on top of the hill, watch for blue water tower on the left, Butch’s driveway will have a green gate on the left. A kiosk is located at launch with site map and additional information.

There are several landing fields in front of launch. To access these areas, instead of turning right on NE 173rd Rd to go to launch, go straight on NE 1130th Ave 1.8 miles. Look for the main double gate on the right, with a small single gate in the fence that is not locked. The small gate is for our access if the main gate is not open. Keep gate closed at all times.

Important Guidelines

Most of our flying sites are engineered and constructed to safely accommodate novice flying activity as long as a qualified site guide is present and able to assist. Regardless that many of these sites accommodate novice flight activity, be aware that the conditions at our launches may change quickly and frequently.  Launching and/or landing in windy conditions and/or in mid-day/mid-afternoon strong thermals could easily require a higher rating than the minimum rating required by the site. These guidelines are subject to change at any time. All local and visiting pilots should review this information and check-in through one of the available electronic communication boards (Yahoo or Facebook) for up-to-the-minute site updates.

Guidelines for Novice and Intermediate Pilots Flying BMF Sites

1. For the purposes of this document, a qualified site guide is a USHPA-certified instructor and/or a pilot with at least H4 or P4 rating, guiding only same sport (HG or PG), with a safe experience record of foot launching from that specific site where acting as a guide.

2. H2/P2 pilots may fly BMF sites only with the following provisions: At a minimum their first 5 flights must be made with the on-site assistance of their qualified site guide. Once their site guide says they are ready, subsequent flights may be made with the assistance of at least a H3 or P3 pilot experienced at flying the site. Before making their first flight at any BMF site, they must have previous foot launch experience, and if at Panorama or Buffalo, they must have previous inland mountain flight experience, all evidenced by their logbook. (Foot launch under tow is not accepted as foot launch experience.)
Note: Special Skill sign off "RLF - Restricted Landing Field" is required for all H2/P2 pilots,  same as for all pilots regardless of rating.

3. H3/P3 pilots must have previous inland mountain flight experience as evidenced by their logbook. A qualified site guide must accompany them on their first visit to and flight from a BMF site.

Guidelines for All BMF Sites


1. Hold a current United States Hang Gliding & Paragliding Association membership with pilot rating equal or higher than the site requirement. (Current USHPA membership is mandatory due to insurance requirements).

2. Only allow qualified USHPA members to act as launch assistants (USHPA insurance requirement.)

3. Support the Buffalo Mountain Flyers in keeping our flying sites open and maintained through membership in the BMF club and/or a donation in an amount of your choice.

4. Always comply with all FAA regulations that apply to the operation of your glider.

5. Observe site rating requirements.

6. Not fly in weather conditions outside their personal abilities or gliders’ performance capabilities.

7. Be aware that the conditions at our launches change quickly and frequently. Launching and/or landing in windy conditions and/or in mid-day / mid-afternoon strong thermals could easily require a higher rating than the minimum rating required by the site.

8. Visit the landing field before going to launch! Things change and are not always visible from launch. Do not land in fields with very tall grass or nearing hay harvest time.

9. Cut new vegetation growth at launch, before launching, if it might be a safety hazard.

10. Always wear a helmet, have a serviceable parachute, and HG pilots must use a safety hang strap.

11. Fly with a radio. Most local pilots transmit and receive USHPA frequency 151.925

12. Observe the right of way rules.

13. Use the buddy system; make sure your partner has landed safely. Avoid flying alone.

14. Land immediately, not launch if air rescue or airborne fire fighting is taking place.

15. Not launch if anyone is within any potential unintentional line of flight, unless they are a current USHPA member fully aware of and watching your launch from a safe location.

16. Not fly within 100 feet of any structure or group of spectators, or directly in front of launch when another glider is preparing to launch.

17. Move gliders quickly to the break down area after landing.

18. Take care to comply with specific landowner requirements. Do not drive off of any vehicle road unless you know you have specific permission to do so. Do not cut any trees unless you have clear and explicit permission to do so.

19. Close all gates. There are gates on the way to launch and LZs at many of our sites. To maintain our relationship with property owners it is vital that gates are not left open, even knowing that another pilot is just a few minutes behind.

20. Always put safety first and be courteous to fellow pilots, property owners and visitors.

21. Always pick up trash! Even if it’s not yours.

22. Observe notices posted in landing fields or at launches for updated and additional information.

Additional Information

Important BMF Site Information can also be found in the "Member Information" document
which you may access by clicking on the "members" button at the top of this page.